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ARTECO-3000 The ideal solution for a simple and efficient IP Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Compact and powerful, the ARTECO-3000 is the ideal solution for a simple and efficient IP Network Video Recorder (NVR). It is a discreet and quiet unit that installs in minutes and is ideal for small indoor public spaces, commercial offices, small business or residential installations.

The ARTECO-3000 is ONVIF ™ compatible and works with all major international brands of Cameras and Video Encoders.

ARTECO-LOGIC Next (the client software interface) makes every aspect of the system simple and intuitive; from viewing live or recorded video to configuring the video devices.

Exporting video is easy and in compliance with keeping the integrity of the images.

Remote access to data and video can be achieved at any time and from any location by using the client, Web client, or preferred App for Tablet or Smartphone.

ARTECO-3000 has the ability to add software channels for License Plate Recognition (LPR). The LPR channel is a combination of hardware and software that supports security personnel by identifying, highlighting and alerting in real-time when vehicles pass through a specified area.

The LPR is performed automatically, accurately reading the plates of vehicles moving up to speeds of 100 mph. The ARTECO-3000 also has optional I/O modules that allow the system to interface with various low voltage devices (alarm system, HVAC, access control) for a fully integrated security or building-automation solution.

For installations in challenging network environments, the ARTECO-3000 has available an optional cellular wireless add-on that allows it to connect to the internet via the cellular network (sold separately).

  • 1Tb of storage
  • Collects images from up to 12 cameras
  • Small footprint stores anywhere