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ARTECO EVERYWHERE The new smart IP controller

Based on over 25 years of experience in motion control technology, ARTECO EVERYWHERE is the new POE Smart IP controller that allows users to control any device through a series of input/output triggers. Perfect for industrial, commercial or residential installations, Arteco everywhere can integrate with and enhance existing building controls, security and home automation systems.

  • Control 4 or 8 devices from Logic Next software
  • Have an event trigger an alarm, light, recording or siren
  • Each device is controllable individually and from various inputs


ARTECO EVERYWHERE comes with easy to use web-based software that allows users to manage inputs/outputs, receive status updates, or change the status of each I/O from a browser, smartphone or web-TV. Users can also download the free app for IOS smartphones and tablets.
The I/O modules are completely integrated into the ARTECO VMS platform and allow for easy manipulation of any device directly from the ARTECO-LOGIC Next user interface.


ARTECO EVERYWHERE supports POE (Power over Ethernet) and can be easily mounted on a DIN rail for fast and easy installation. With a network connection available, installers can be up and controlling multiple devices in a matter of minutes

Features include:
- Ability to define the ON and OFF timings for Pulse and Blink functions
- Follow Input Feature: an output “follows” the status of the respective input
- Programmable output power status of the module
- Ability to schedule hour-by-hour the output status of the module
- Configurable logic functions
- Rules configurable by IP, input pin , trigger ( rising edge, falling edge or both) , authentication and on-event string to be sent
- Ability to perform tests with visual reports of the response of the remote device
- Mirroring: possibility of replicating the state of the local module’s inputs to a remote “slave” module