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ARTECO Logic Next

ARTECO Logic Next Simplifies and streamlines the management of all integrated solutions of the Arteco Video Management

Arteco-Logic NEXT is the VMS Client that simplifies and streamlines the management of all integrated solutions of the Arteco Video Management Family: Small Business, Professional, and Enterprise. Based on 25 years of experience in software development, Arteco-Logic NEXT is the ideal tool for viewing live/recorded video, managing real-time video events, and controlling IP, Analog, LPR and Input/Output devices. Arteco-Logic NEXT is designed to give every user an immediate, interactive, and dynamic experience. This design makes it perfectly suited to many different application fields, operator requirements and operating environments.

  • Video Analytics
  • Situational Awareness
  • License Plate Recognition

Video Analytics

Arteco-Logic NEXT fully utilizes the complete suite of Video Analytics including Area Analytics (violated area, trip-wire, loitering) and Object Analytics (abandoned/removed, counting, speed threshold). With default settings and accuracy ratings, set-up and event management has never been easier.

Situational Awareness

Arteco-Logic NEXT is integrated with industry-leading 360 degree cameras that allow the “Dewarping” of fisheye lens technology for total digital pan/tilt/zoom control of the image. Movement in the camera can be performed in live or recorded video. Apply multiple analytics applications to a single field of view.

License Plate Recognition

Arteco-Logic NEXT allows complete synergy between Video Management Software and License Plate Recognition. Users can receive security events in the Event Log when License Plates are detected. Plates can be queried based by time/date and I/O devices can be activated based on results.


By downloading ARTECO-MOBILE at the iTunes Appstore, Google Play or Blackberry App World, you can view the output of your video from anywhere in the world at any time with your Tablet or Smartphone.