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ARTECO-SERVER eMotion If you are looking for more functionality with basic built-in analytical features included, then eMotion is the right choice for you. It is the first mono-server version allowing for unlimited number of user profiles and that’s not all: it is expandable and scalable according to your needs so you can add various options like license plate recognition (LPR), privacy zones, and include Arteco Everywhere to remotely activate your I/O devices right from your software client. Moreover, you can add plugins to quickly check the alarms coming from any Contact ID intrusion device, or add an LPR license to detect license plates of vehicles on the premises.

•Single Server Management
•Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
•Unlimited User Accounts
•ONVIF & RTSP compatible
•Supports H.264, M-jpeg, Mpeg-4
•eMotion Analytics (basic filters)
•Record data 24/7 on local and network storage
•Access locally and remotely with Arteco Logic Next®, Web Browser and Smartphone
•Watermarking (Certification integrity of recorded images)
•PTZ control: Manual or Automatic (programmable presets and sequences)
•3 user levels with different rights: Administrator, Power User, User

Optionals: Privacy Zones, Virtual Machine, LPR (License Plate Recognition), Arteco Everywhere, Multi-server Centralization, Camera selection, User Policies definition, Virtual I/O, Maps Supervisor, 3rd party software plugin

  • Simplified management
  • High performance
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Privacy Blur

Simplified management

ARTECO-LOGIC Next (the client software interface) makes every aspect of the system simple and intuitive; from viewing live or recorded video to configuring the video devices. Exporting video is easy and in compliance with keeping the integrity of the images. Remote access to data and images can be achieved at any time and from any location by using the client, Web client, or preferred App for Tablet or Smartphone.

High performance

ARTECO-SERVER Small Business is compatible with ONVIF ™ devices and integrates hundreds of cameras from the leading brands on the market. The system can view live/recorded video, as well as analyze video from cameras in full Megapixel resolution. It supports the most advanced encoding: H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and MxPEG. It allows for independent management of recording settings both on the local hard disk and network path.

LPR (License Plate Recognition)

ARTECO-SERVER Small Business has the ability to add software channels for License Plate Recognition (LPR). The LPR channel is a combination of hardware and software that supports security personnel by identifying, highlighting and alerting in real-time when vehicles pass through a specified area. The LPR is performed automatically, accurately reading the plates of vehicles moving up to speeds of 100 mph.

Privacy Blur

ARTECO-SERVER Small Business has the option for an additional software module called “Privacy Blur” (image blurring), which allows users to guarantee the privacy of individuals in public spaces appearing in video recordings. The Privacy Blur can be removed during playback and exporting of video, with the appropriate password.