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Protector.Net PoE Access Control made easy!

Revolutionary New Patent-Pending Hardware with New Cutting Edge Web-Based Software
ODM Access Control Panel
The Engineering team at Hartmann Controls has worked very hard to deliver what is being reviewed as the best access control system on the market. PROTECTOR.Net is a new innovative Access Control System from its slick web-based software utilizing the latest Microsoft Technologies to its all new patent- pending hardware using the latest chipsets for increased reliability and performance. Being completely scalable from one door with a handful of users to thousands of doors / elevators with thousands of users across multiple buildings, multiple time zones and multiple countries; this system has you covered. Please read on to discover why you should be using this product for your next installation.

PROTECTOR.Net is revolutionizing the Access Control Market by combining the Access Control decision making within the Request to Exit motion. Utilizing Power Over Ethernet, the following benefits are obvious to any experienced specifier / integration company.

Top System Features
Controllers call out to server (clients): Most if not all other access control systems on the market require the server software to initiate communication with the controllers. With our system, controllers initiate communications with the server software via static IP or DHCP. This eliminates dealing with port forwarding issues.

Static or DHCP Enabled Many systems on the market today still require a static IP to be set aside for the field controllers. Our controllers will work in either Static or DHCP mode simplifying installation and setup.

Reduced Wiring: Only a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable is required to be pulled from the nearest drop to the opening. All devices at the opening will be powered off the Protector.Net controller with the exception of Door Openers and externally powered devices like alarms, strobes, sirens etc.

Perfect Installation Location: Since the Access Controller is located within the Hartmann motion enclosure and mounted directly above the door (where it should be), this allows for ease of wiring (no ladder with your head in the ceiling space) and efficient trouble-shooting. Also when a technician is dispatched to a Hartmann site, they know exactly where the controllers are located. No searching required which typically costs the end-user excessive service costs and is completely unproductive.

On Board LCD Keypad: By removing the quick release cover, the technician can quickly setup, configure and diagnose via the on-board LCD display and keypad. The ODM allows for communication to the server software via IP or DHCP Name. No plugging the device into a laptop to pre-configure for installation as with most other devices; just mount and use the keypad to set configuration parameters and move on to other tasks.
The pride of our engineers is very apparent when one takes a close look at our web-based software interface. From the crisp clean layout to the rapid response and intuitive navigation, you will enjoy administering your system. It is driven by the latest technologies such as HTML5, IIS Server as well as backing onto a Microsoft SQL database. Several installation options are available from our quick deployed installation to our pre-configured embeded server module.