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Sioux 3.0

Sioux 3.0 Innovative fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection system

Sioux is an innovative fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection system, the result of a research project conducted in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, which has resulted in the joint filing of 3 patents.

The system comprises a multitude of mems type tri-axial accelerometer sensors, organised in sub-systems of 7. The sub-systems are made up by 1 master sensor and 6 slave sensors: each is individual and provides its own signal on a different channel to its master sensor. Each master sensor contains the physical location of the 6 slave sensors that it analyses and is therefore able to combine this analysis of signal distribution in relation to the adjacent sub-systems

  • Protect 700m or fence with one connection point
  • Installs on any flexible fence
  • Multiple systems can be connected for km’s of coverage
  • Anti cut technology


Thanks to the ability to process every sensor that makes up the system, it is possible to adapt the response to any type of fence, even with mixed types within the same site. it is possible to adjust the working parameters for each zone, and, inside the zone, for each individual sensor.
the very high probability of detection (pod) and the very low nuisance alarm rate (NAR) of this system, are the result of processing, for each of the three accelerometer signals produced by each transducer, according to “fuzzy log.


Software for remote management control


The installer can easily configure the zones in the field by walking around the perimeter and physically “touching” the sensors to select the beginning and end of each of the available zones. this capability makes it a much more immediate, quick and easy operation, while it is still possible to
configure remotely using the Sioux test software.


By exploiting the capabilities of the mems sensors with respect to the acceleration of gravity it is possible to gain information about the position of the accelerometer in free space. during installation the position of the mems accelerometer, whatever it is, will be memorised. if the position alters by more than a pre-set, variable number of degrees (e.g. 5°) it will produce a tamper alarm.this allows sioux to detect possible physical changes in the fence, which probably indicate an attempt to breach or re-position the fence protection system, either when the sensor is removed from the surface of the fence, or when the fence is bent while trying
to break through.


Each mems is identified and analysed individually via a specific channel on its master sensor, which knows the exact location of the sensor. each intrusion event will be identified by point with a precision of 1m regardless
of the distance between the sensors.